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Commercial Appliance Repair in Sacramento

Commercial Appliance Repair in Sacramento, Sacramento CA | (916) 588-2392

Commercial Appliance Repair Services

We have been serving businesses since 1999.

Being a business owner and owning an appliances plays a huge role in keeping things running smoothly in your business. In the foodservice industry and others, it’s important to maintain your appliances. When your commercial appliance breaks down, it can end up costly you a loss in revenue, and make things inconvenient. Thankfully, our commercial repair services are able to help your business repair your faulty appliances, with our licensed and bonded technicians.

Sacramento Appliance Repair Experts was established in 1996, we are the leading home and commercial appliance repair franchise in North America. If you require regular maintenance or more cost efficient repairs, you can trust us to do the job, we have licensed technicians who have full knowledge on any appliance from their years of training so they will get the job done quickly and effectively. We have quality services that you can trust, which is why are parts and labor are guaranteed for one full year. You can call us or schedule an appointment online for a licensed technician to come out to you to get the repair that you need.

Service For All Your Appliances

From inside your kitchen to even your laundry, our licensed technicians at Sacramento Appliance Repair Experts offer repair services for essentially any type of appliance you may have in your home. Some of our main commercial appliance services are:

See what else we can do with your appliances when you schedule an appointment with Sacramento Appliance Repair Experts. When a licensed technician comes to your house, you will soon realize that we are the best, with our technicians being in the business for many years they know exactly what they are doing. Once we gain your trust we will be the first ones that come to your mind for your next appliance repair. With all of our services we offer flat rate pricing, which means you pay the technicians by the job and not by the hour (which most appliance repair companies do) and there is no overtime fee, it’s up to our technicians to get the job done right in the first place.

We know that your time should not be wasted, which is why we schedule the appointment around the time that best works for you, whether it’s the same day or a different day we want our customers to be as satisfied as possible. When you have time leave the job up to our licensed professionals to get you back on track as fast as possible.

Contact us today to learn more about our commercial services, or schedule a service online!

Commercial Refrigerator Repair

Commercial Appliance Repair in Sacramento, Sacramento CA | (916) 588-2392You know it is important to keep your refrigerator in good working condition no matter where you are or what facility you are in. When a problem occurs it starts to cost you money within every minute. Call us as soon as possible and we will get your Refrigerator up and running in no time. The sooner you give us a call at Sacramento Appliance Repair Experts, the sooner we can fix your refrigerator.

We have been repairing appliances since 1996, we are confident in our abilities to repair any refrigerator that you may have as quickly as possible with no disruption to your working schedule. With many of our locations we offer any time that works best for you. All of our replacement parts and labor are guaranteed for one full year. With our professionals you can trust that your business is in good hands.

Contact our appliance repair professionals to make an appointment, or schedule service online!

Common Refrigerator Issues We Repair

If you are dealing with any of the issues below contact Sacramento Appliance Repair Experts immediately to get a repair. We offer flat-rate pricing up front for all of our appliances.

Refrigerator is leaking

A clogged drain hose or an opening in the defrost drain could be the problem of your fridge leaking. If it is not one of these problems than a worn out gasket around the door might be the issue. If this is the case our technicians carry replacement parts, such as gasket, so they can fix the problem right away.

Fluid in Food Compartments

If fluid has built up inside your compartments of your refrigerator, it could possibly be old or damaged door seals. Examine the seals on your door, and call us to have it replaced for you.

Excessive frost in the freezer

If you notice that more frost is being made in your freezer than it should be than the defrost system may be faulty or the evaporative fan motor needs to be fixed or replaced, Our licensed technicians can diagnose the issue and fix the problem to get your refrigerator properly functioning again.

Refrigerator stopped running

If your refrigerator stopped working all together, the first thing you should check is the thermostat. There is a high chance that you need to get this replaced. Our licensed technicians can get the job done quickly and efficiently so your business isn’t put on hold.

Refrigerator isn’t cooling properly

If your refrigerator isn’t maintaining the correct temperature, the problem might be either the thermostat, the door gasket, or a blockage in the frain could all be the problem. Ask our experts to do a diagnosis to find out what the problem is.

Refrigerator noises

If the unit is making loud or strange noises, this is an indication that the compressor motor is falling or that the fan may be old or wearing out.

Commercial Refrigerator Parts

If just a single part of your refrigerator system fails, it can prevent more business for being made. The most common part that fails is the main gasket of the door as heavy usage of any refrigerator. Check the gaskets on your fridge regularly so you know when it is time to get a repair.

Commercial Refrigerator Repair from the Experts

If you do not feel comfortable changing parts of the refrigerator yourself then call our support team and we will send out a licensed technician to fix it for you. Schedule an appointment on the phone or online.

We Repair All Types of Freezers

Commercial Appliance Repair in Sacramento, Sacramento CA | (916) 588-2392Freezers should provide between -10 and 0 degrees fahrenheit. Freezing food at the temperatures prevents any type of bacteria from growing, according to the FDA. If your freezer is not performing with these temperatures, or has another problem, contact Sacramento Appliance Repair Experts for commercial freezer repair so you can avoid liability issues and spoiled food. You can guarantee a professional repair from our licensed technicians.

Commercial Reach-In Freezers

Commercial reach in freezers are almost the same as refrigerators. They have multiple sections and some have solid glass doors or could be in “dutch style” meaning half doors. Our licensed technicians can repair any type you may have.

Commercial Walk-In Freezers

The best fit for restaurants are walk-in Freezers, these freezers can hold a large amount of food stored at the best temperature. For any organizations they have shelving inside, learn more on repairs at Sacramento Appliance Repair Experts.

Freezer Prep Tables

Around your commercial kitchen you should have freezer prep tables. For more convenient and easier preparation they have a work area on top of the station. If you are looking for other table repairs we also do pizza table repairs, sandwich tables, and steam table repairs.

Under-Counter Freezers

Under the counter freezers act like reach in freezer models, but they come smaller then reach in freezers, these are able to fit into smaller placer like under the counter, our licensed technicians will fix any repair you need with these small freezers.

Merchandising Units

Products that are used to present or show products through glass doors are usually merchandising units or display freezers. Sacramento Appliance Repair Experts will fix your issues so you can continue getting sales as fast as possible.

Commercial Freezer Repair vs. Replacement

Call our professional experts to determine whether you should get your freezer repaired or replaced. They can make an educated guess over the phone what the right step would be and discuss pricing with you as well. Other factors to put into consideration are the age of the appliance and how frequently it is causing problems for you, the costs of the repairs, and how much usage it has.

If repairs are adding up to how much the cost of the appliance is than you may want to upgrade or replace your freezers so it doesn’t cause problems for you until later on. Even if your appliance isn’t that old, than it could just be from the usage the appliance is getting, so make sure to get it maintained regularly before making a final decision.

You can trust us to diagnose your commercial freezer issues, make expert repairs, maintenance your appliance, or recommend replacement. We carry all replacement parts for all appliances so you can count on us on fixing your appliance the correct way. Call us or schedule an appointment online!

Commercial Walk-In Freezer Repairs

Expert Appliance Help Is Just a Phone Call Away

Your freezers protect thousands of dollars of storage and food safely for your customers. You know how important it is to keep your appliances running if you are in the food industry. It is most important to keep your appliances properly functioning and have maintenance on them so you can continue to make sales and to keep them alive as long as possible. More problems may arise if you continue to wait for a repair.

At the first sign of a problem then call us, we deliver dependable service for any of your appliance and work with your schedule so there are no disruptions during activity. We also offer a one year guarantee for any of the parts we fix, flat rate pricing and no overtime charge or hidden fees.

Common Walk-In Freezer Issues

The licensed technicians we have can service all types of commercial appliances, they can fix all kinds of repairs such as:

Lack of Power

The reason for a power outage can be from a blown or tripped circuit breaker.  It could also be from the control board panel not functioning properly, but with us, our licensed technicians will find the problem and fix it for you efficiently and effectively.

Temperature Is Too High

If you are having trouble with your walk-in freezer temperature it could be because you have too much of a single product on top of each other, or has frostbite buildup on the evaporator, then the temperature of the freezer may start to go up. Walk-in freezers that are used continuously throughout the day can also be apart of the problem.

Motor Running Constantly

If your freezer motor is running constantly, this could mean that you have a leakage somewhere inside that is the reason for air to escape.  This is a serious problem that could cost you more on your energy bill and should be fixed right away.

Ice Buildup

Inside the walk-in freezer if there is a buildup of ice on the vents, or any evaporated coils, means there is at least one problem needing to be fixed and will require a professional to fix it. Call Sacramento Appliance Repair Experts and we will send out a licensed technician to check on it for you.

Ice in the Drain Pan

A drain line that is clogged or has a defective heater can be the cause of ice to accumulate in the drain pan of a walk-in freezer. This problem should be fixed by a licensed technician before the frozen inventory can no longer be used.

We Deliver Fast & Reliable Service

If your walk-in freezer is showing signs of problems or any other appliance you may have, for a fast and reliable repair, you can turn to the experts at Sacramento Appliance Repair Experts. We understand the big inconvenience a broken walk-in freezer or cooler has when you are running a business, which is why we want to help you fix the problem as fast as we can. When you give us a call we can either send out a licensed technician to come and fix the problem for you or you can make an appointment when the time is best for you. Ask Sacramento Appliance Repair Experts for locations so you can find the closest one to you, you can schedule an appointment online or give us a call and talk to our support team and they will answer any questions you may have. Give us a call.

Commercial Oven, Stove & Range Repair Service

Commercial Appliance Repair in Sacramento, Sacramento CA | (916) 588-2392Keep Your Kitchen Running Smoothly

The most used appliances in everyday homes and in the foodservice industry are ovens, stoves, and ranges. Keeping them functioning to the best of their abilities is very important for any success in your business, as goes for the same for your customers to keep them satisfied. By having a monthly check up and routine of maintenance for all of your appliances will make you know that your appliances are still functioning the right way. If you fix any signs of problems as soon as you notice them this will help you save a lot of time and money and any hassle of unnecessary repairs or having to pay more for a replacement.

At Sacramento Appliance Repair Experts we got your back when you need any commercial oven repair. Your business will be up and running again in no time with our technicians, our technicians will get the job done right so there are no more problems that may arise if you were to hire a technician with not a good experienced background, our technicians have years of experience so they know exactly how to fix your appliance. We always provide a flat rate price so there are no hidden fees before we start on any repair.

To schedule commercial oven, range, or stove repair service with the team at Sacramento Appliance Repair Experts, call today or schedule an appointment online. We’ll work around your busy schedule!

Common Issues of Commercial Ovens, Stoves & Ranges

The licensed technicians at Sacramento Appliance Repair Experts are more than knowledgeable to fix any problem you might have that may happen with your commercial oven, stove, or range These are some of the common problems we get:

Oven Temperature Is To Low

If your oven is not performing the correct temperature that it should be doing then it might be because of a faulty thermostat, or in need of recalibration. Ask our experts and we will diagnose and fix the problem.

Not Thoroughly Cooked

Thermostats that are installed improperly can cause oven and ranges to unreliable temperature readings. This can result in unevenly cooked food, and unsatisfied customers. Call us to fix this problem and you will be back up and running in no time.

The Pilot Light

If the pilot light isn’t working, it may be because of the safety valve, ask one of our professionals at Sacramento Appliance Repair Experts to handle this technical oven repair.

If you are experiencing any problems or one of the issues above please contact us to fix the problem before any more damage is caused. You can trust or experts at Sacramento Appliance Repair Experts to give a thorough diagnose and repair any appliance you may have professionally and on you can make an appointment for the time that works best for you. The longer you wait to get a repair the more damage it might have and the more money it may cost in the end.

Commercial Ice Machine Repair Service

Why Sacramento Appliance Repair Experts Should Be Your First Call

Ice machines offer your customers the refreshing indulgence of ice-cold drinks, whether in a restaurant or hotel. Ice-machines do the work for you by keeping large storage of ice cubes ready at any time. If you are having trouble with your ice maker, whether it has stopped working or it’s not performing as well as it used to do, then call us and we will send out a licensed technician to you, to fix any problem you may be facing. Our technicians have years of experience and will fix your machine the right way. So call Sacramento Appliance Repair Experts now!

We offer flat-rate pricing for all our repair services so there are no hidden fees! You pay us by the job, not by the hour. If the service takes longer than expected then don’t worry you will not be charged for an overtime fee. You will know how much it will cost for your repair before we even begin.

Contact Sacramento Appliance Repair Experts, or schedule a commercial ice machine repair service right on our website!

Repair Service for All Types of Ice Machines

Common types of machines that we can fix are:

  • Full-Cube Ice Machine

It is sometimes called “full-dice ice”. Full ice cubes are ⅞- inch thick cubes. Due to its large surface area it will cause the ice to slowly melt. This will help to keep beverages cold for a long period of time. Full-cube commercials ice makers sometimes come in either stand-alone, under-counter, and ice-machine-bin combo units.

  • Half-Cube Ice Machine

Half-cube ice are sometimes called half-dice ice, are usually measured in ⅜ inches and are widely used. It can be compacted into a small glass and displace more fluids, increasing your profit. Half-cube ice makers also come in stand-alone, under-counter, and ice-machine bin combo units.

  • Nugget Ice Machine

The best ice to use for cocktails, soft drinks, and smoothies, are nugget-shaped ice. These ice machines are most common for bars or restaurants. This ice machine comes in stand-alone, under-counter, bin-combo, and dispenser units. At Sacramento Appliance Repair Experts our technicians are familiar with any appliance you may have so you can trust us to get the job done the right way.

  • Flake Ice Machine

Tiny chips of flaked ice are best suited for blending cocktails, using ice wraps, and could be used for therapeutic reasons. This ice-machine comes in stand alone, under counter, bin-combo, and dispenser units.

  • Specialty Ice Machine

Specialty commercial ice makers can create crescent and smooth octagonal shaped ice, these machines are perfect for business owners. The shape of the crescent ice cubes shows more liquid than half cubes, making your profits increase. These ice makers come in under counter or combo units. No matter what type you have, Sacramento Appliance Repair Experts will repair it successfully.

  • Expert Ice Machine Repair

By scheduling repair service or even maintenance, it will help your ice machine to stay alive longer. Our licensed technicians can keep your ice machine working and doing its job correctly for as long as possible and the maintenance will keep it working all year. Ask our support team for the nearest Sacramento Appliance Repair Experts, and we will send out a licensed technician from the closest location. Schedule an appointment over the phone or through our website!

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