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Refrigerator Repair in Sacramento


Your refrigerator is a centerpiece in the kitchen. It is the one place where you keep a lot of the ingredients you use for preparing meals and other food stuffs. The refrigerator is designed primarily to keep your perishable food supplies such as milk, meat, and veggies fresh for a long time. The appliance thus allows you to stock up on food supplies, which in turn saves you from making frequent trips to the grocery store. If you run a food store, a refrigerator allows you to keep products fresh till they are bought. But what happens when your refrigerator breaks down? Well, a lot of the food stored in there starts can spoil within a day or two. That’s a lot of money gone to waste. It’s the reason you need to be constantly on the lookout for any signs of refrigerator problems so you can tackle them quickly and save your food.

Top Refrigerator Malfunctions to Look Out For

Currently, there are dozens of brands in the market that manufacture refrigerators. But regardless of what brand a refrigerator belongs to, the defects it experiences no different from those experienced by other refrigerators. Some of the most common refrigerator problems you can look forward to include:

  • The fridge does not come on
  • The fridge leaks water or coolant
  • The appliance makes noise when running
  • The refrigerator is not cooling
  • The door of the appliance is broken
  • The appliance freezes over
  • The fridge has electrical problems
  • The temperature controls are not working

Addressing these problems promptly is the best way to keep them from escalating. If your fridge isn’t powering or can no longer cool, then it’s no good to you. If the refrigerator can still cool but has a defect, then it’s very likely that it’ll be overworking. That results in extra wear and more energy consumption. When the fridge keeps leaking water, then the mess it causes on your floor can be annoying. Similarly, a noisy fridge is quite irritating.

Here’s The Best Remedy for Freezer Problems

Once your freezer has started causing problems, you need to take action right away. One of the things you can do to deal with the situation is replace the refrigerator, but that’s a move you should only consider when it’s clear that no other solution will suffice. Buying a new refrigerator can set you back at least several hundred dollars back. The best approach is to find a certified refrigerator repair technician to troubleshoot your fridge and fix it. At Sacramento Appliance Repair, we promise to get your refrigerator running perfectly as quickly as possible.

Why Choose Us

What makes us the appliance repair company of choice for most people in Sacramento is our commitment to superior appliance repair. We have the best appliance repair technicians in the region. Every member of our team is not only EPA certified, but also vastly experienced in repairing the toughest appliance defects. But competence is just one of our main strengths. The other is unequalled customer service. We know that your refrigerator means a lot to you, so we treat every request for service as an emergency. When it comes to an appliance of such significance we provide same day repair service. As soon as you call us, we’ll dispatch a highly experienced technician to your doorstep to assist you. Once our technician has carefully assessed your refrigerator to establish what’s causing the defect, they’ll tell you what needs to be done and give you an accurate quote for the repair costs. With us, there are never hidden costs, so you need not worry about surprises in your bill once the repair is complete. In just a short while, your refrigerator will be running perfectly once again.

Fridge Maintenance

Besides fridge repair, we can also provide maintenance services. With routine maintenance, most of the defects that can trouble your refrigerator are kept at bay. It’s by far the easiest way to avoid repair bills and lengthen the life of your appliance.

We Can Handle All Brands

Our technicians have the necessary skills and experience to handle appliances from all the leading brands including Whirlpool, Kitchen Aid, Bosch, Viking, Scotsman, Electrolux, Gibson, LG, Tappan, Caloric, Coleman, Samsung, White-Westinghouse, Westinghouse, HEIL, YORK, Amana and others.

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