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Stove Repair in Sacramento

stove and rangeIn the 20 years or so that we’ve been in business, it’s been our experience that stoves rarely stop working without giving at least some sort of indication that there’s a problem, though many owners fail to notice the early indicators of pending stove repair. Your stove is a central component in the kitchen. A range stove combines the oven and the stove, which are the two most important tools you use when preparing most meals in your home. But ranges are not important for those who enjoy home cooked meals only. These appliances are indispensable to people who run food businesses such as hotels and restaurants. Of course, the fact that a range is a combined appliance means that you need to watch out for double the amount of repair issues you’d have to deal with if you were working with a single appliance. It’s always best to deal with any defects you notice as quickly as possible. The last thing you want is for your range to break down completely, disrupting your home kitchen routine or bringing your catering business to an abrupt halt. So what are the commonest range defects you need to be aware of?

Top Range Stove Repair Issues

There are many different models of ranges in the market today.  The kind of defects these appliances go through, however, are all similar. Some of the commonest range defects to watch out for include:

  • The appliance does not come on or off
  • Heating elements do not work
  • The appliance produces too little heat
  • The range keeps overheating
  • The appliance has electrical wiring problems
  • The timers do not work properly
  • The temperature calibration does not work
  • The drip pans are malfunctioning

These problems need to be dealt with right away. If your range doesn’t ignite, doesn’t heat up enough or is always overheating, then it’s no good for preparing meals. That forces you to rely on food made in hotels and restaurants. If you own a food business, a broken range halts a lot of activities in your kitchen, which translates to lost revenue. An electric range that’s malfunctioning will usually use up more power than usual as its efficiency is already compromised. Finally, defective ranges can be huge fire hazards putting you, your employees and your clients in serious danger. It’s the reason you need to act fast.

Here’s What You Need to Do If Your Stove Repair Needed

The first option is to replace the range altogether. The big challenge with this solution is that it requires you to spend a lot of money that you may not even have budgeted for. Besides, you cannot always run to the shop for a new appliance every time the current one has a defect. The smarter choice is to contact a competent appliance repair technician to help you out. It’s the faster, more affordable solution to range defects. You can call us at Sacramento Appliance Repair to help you out.

Why Choose Us?

What makes Sacramento Appliance Repair so dependable is our unwavering commitment to superior customer service. We understand how important your range is to your kitchen routine at home or restaurant. We therefore move very quickly to ensure that the appliance is working perfectly. Once you call us, a friendly customer care representative notes down your details and sends a competent technician to your doorstep to help you out. Our expert will first carefully assess your range to ascertain the main cause of the problem and recommend a solution. They’ll also give you an all-inclusive quote of the repair cost upfront so you don’t have to worry about surprise expenses in your bill when the work is done. If you give them the green light to proceed with the repair, they’ll start right away. In no time, your stove should be working perfectly.

We Can Handle All Brands!

Our technicians are EPA certified and vastly experiences in the repair of appliances from all brands in the country, including Viking, Thermador, Kitchen Aid, Dacor, GE, Bosch, Monogram, Samsung, Jenn-Air, Maytag, Frigidaire, Kenmore, Wolf, Sub Zero, U-Line, Marvel, GE, Electrolux, Admiral, Westinghouse, American Range, LG, True, Scotsman, Amana, Fisher and Paykel, and others. We always have an assortment of manufacturer approved replacement parts in case your appliance needs some.

Our services extend to appliance maintenance. Besides ranges, we also deal with a wide range other appliances including refrigerators, dishwashers, microwaves, washers, dryers, ice makers, freezers and many more.

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