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Property Management, Sacramento CA | (916) 588-2392As a property manager, you need to quickly repair any faulty appliances your tenants encounter. This needs to be done swiftly, accurately, and at a fair rate, which will be exactly what you can expect from Sacramento Appliance Repair Experts.
Tenants aren’t very patient when their appliances start to fail. They want the appliance to be fixed right away. They don’t seem to care or even think that you might have a hundred other things you need to accomplish. Tenants don’t care if you know anything about appliances. The only thing they’re concerned about is how much the faulty appliance disrupts their own life.  Subsequently, you need to make sure you can quickly contact an appliance repair service who will be able to handle the needed repair with the speed the client demands. You don’t want to have to tell your tenant they have to wait three or four days before the refrigerator or washing machine gets repaired. When you contact Sacramento Appliance Repair Experts, you can rest assured we will quickly put your tenant’s life back to order and get them out of your hair.

When a tenant contacts you about a faulty appliance, you don’t want to have to contact a different appliance repair service for each type of appliance, it quickly becomes confusing. We feel you should be able to find one reliable appliance repair business and use them for all of your tenants appliance repair demands. We have worked hard to make sure we have a full team of excellent repair specialists on hand. We offer both residential and commercial appliance repair services for all major appliance types and brands.

Below are just some of the appliance services we perform daily:

You will be hard pressed to find a better, more like-able team of appliance repair specialist anywhere. When we put together our repair team, we had some specific requirements. We wanted locals residents who not only had experience with different appliances, but who were also manufacture certified. In addition to making sure they were ready for any appliance related challenge they encounter, we also insist that each technician we send on calls be both friendly and professional.

We want you to be completely comfortable contacting us with regards to your tenants appliance repair needs. When you choose us, there are a few things you can be assured of getting:

  • The knowledge your dealing with a family business with strong community ties
  • Same day service. We’ll never ask you or your tenants to wait on us. Shortly after you call us, our appliance repair technician will be knocking on their door.
  • The best quality, OEM certified replacement parts.
  • We provide accurate and fair estimates prior to doing the work. Once we provide you with an estimate, we stick to it.
  • You’ll never have to worry about hidden costs. We don’t believe in them.
  • Complete satisfaction with our work

Once you start using Sacramento Appliance Repair Experts, you’ll never have any reason to even want to try using a different appliance repair company. It doesn’t matter how many or how few tenants you have, we’re happy to do business with you.

The only way we can get your tenant’s appliances repaired will be if you give us a call, when you do, don’t forget to mention you’re a property manager and ask us about discounts.

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